Datastream : WSACRCRRHI

W-Band Scanning ARM Cloud Radar (W-SACR) Corner Reflector RHI scan

Active Dates
2011.12.15 - 2011.12.15

Measurement Categories
Cloud Properties

Originating Instrument
W-band Scanning ARM Cloud Radar (WSACR)


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Measurement Units Variable
Altitude above mean sea level m alt
Altitude m altitude
Altitude above ground level m altitude_agl
Antenna transition indicator, 1 if between sweeps, otherwise 0 unitless antenna_transition ( time )
Azimuth angle from true north degree azimuth ( time )
Base time in Epoch seconds since 1970-1-1 0:00:00 0:00 base_time
Copol to cross-polar correlation coefficient (also known as rhocx) unitless co_to_crosspol_correlation_coeff ( time, range )
Cross-polar propagation phase shift degree cross_polar_differential_phase ( time, range )
Elevation angle from horizontal degree elevation ( time )
Target angle for sweep degrees fixed_angle ( sweep )
Follow mode unitless follow_mode ( sweep, string_length_4 )
Operating frequency Hz frequency ( frequency )
Instrument type unitless instrument_type ( string_length_6 )
North latitude degree_N lat
Latitude degree_N latitude
Linear depolarization ratio H dB linear_depolarization_ratio ( time, range )
East longitude degree_E lon
Longitude degrees_east longitude
Mean Doppler velocity meters per second mean_doppler_velocity ( time, range )
Number of samples used to compute moments unitless n_samples ( time )
Unambiguous Doppler velocity meters per second nyquist_velocity ( time )
Platform type unitless platform_type ( string_length_6 )
Polarization mode unitless polarization_mode ( sweep, string_length_10 )
Primary axis of rotation unitless primary_axis ( string_length_6 )
Pulse repetition time seconds prt ( sweep )
PRT mode unitless prt_mode ( sweep, string_length_6 )
Pulse width s pulse_width ( time )
Index for the calibration that applies to each ray unitless r_calib_index ( time )
Noise floor power for horizontal copolar channel1 dBm r_calib_noise_hc ( r_calib )
Noise power in noise source region for horizontal copolar channel 1 dBm r_calib_noise_source_power_h ( r_calib )
Noise power in noise source region for vertical cross-polar channel dBm r_calib_noise_source_power_v ( r_calib )
Noise floor for vertical cross-polar channel 2 dBm r_calib_noise_vx ( r_calib )
Pulse width for this calibration s r_calib_pulse_width ( r_calib )
Radar constant, horizontal copolar channel 1 dB r_calib_radar_constant_h ( r_calib )
Radar constant, vertical cross-polar channel 2 dB r_calib_radar_constant_v ( r_calib )
Receiver gain for horizontal copolar channel 1 dB r_calib_receiver_gain_hc ( r_calib )
Receiver gain for vertical cross-polar channel 2 dB r_calib_receiver_gain_vx ( r_calib )
Time of the calibration that applies to each ray UTC r_calib_time ( r_calib, string_length_21 )
Two-way radome loss dB r_calib_two_way_radome_loss_h ( r_calib )
Transmit power dBm r_calib_xmit_power_h ( r_calib )
Nominal radar antenna gain, h channel dB radar_antenna_gain_h
Nominal radar antenna gain, v channel dB radar_antenna_gain_v
Radar beam width, horizontal channel degrees radar_beam_width_h
Radar beam width, vertical channel degrees radar_beam_width_v
Radar measured transmit power, h channel dBm radar_measured_transmit_power_h ( time )
Range to measurement volume m range ( range )
Equivalent reflectivity factor dBZ reflectivity ( time, range )
Scan rate, positive for clockwise or increasing elevation degrees per second scan_rate ( time )
Sky noise, copolar dBm sky_noise_copol ( time )
Sky noise, cross-polar dBm sky_noise_xpol ( time )
Sky power, copolar dBm sky_power_copol ( time )
Sky power, cross-polar dBm sky_power_xpol ( time )
Signal-to-noise-ratio dB snr ( time, range )
Spectrum width m/s spectral_width ( time, range )
Index of last ray in sweep, 0-based count sweep_end_ray_index ( sweep )
Sweep mode unitless sweep_mode ( sweep, string_length_24 )
Sweep number count sweep_number ( sweep )
Index of first ray in sweep, 0-based count sweep_start_ray_index ( sweep )
Time in seconds since volume start time ( time )
Time corresponding to last radial in file unitless time_coverage_end ( string_length_21 )
Time corresponding to first radial in file unitless time_coverage_start ( string_length_21 )
Time offset from base_time time_offset ( time )
Unambiguous range m unambiguous_range ( time )
Volume number unitless volume_number


Southern Great Plains
SGPC1 Browse DataCentral Facility, Lamont, OK


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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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Brookhaven National Laboratory
data analysis
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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