Datastream : RP

Roll (rotation around the bow-to-stern axis) and Pitch (vertical motion of the bow) for a boat or ship afloat

Active Dates
2012.11.02 - 2012.12.09

Measurement Categories
Surface Properties

Originating Instrument
Stabilized Platform (S-TABLE)


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Measurement Units Variable
Altitude above mean sea level m alt
Base time in Epoch seconds since 1970-1-1 0:00:00 0:00 base_time
Status indicator from Watson tilt sensor. unitless inertial_data_flag ( time )
North latitude degree_N lat
East longitude degree_E lon
Pitch angle reported by Watson tilt sensor, positive is bow up degrees pitch ( time )
Pitch angular rate, positive is bow up degrees/sec pitch_angular_rate ( time )
Roll angle reported by Watson tilt sensor, positive is port side up degrees roll ( time )
Roll angular rate, positive is port side up degree/s roll_angular_rate ( time )
Time offset from midnight time ( time )
Time offset from base_time time_offset ( time )


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