Datastream : NAV

Ship navigational location and attitude

Active Dates
2012.09.24 - 2015.02.12

Measurement Categories
Surface Properties

Originating Instrument
Navigational Location and Attitude (NAV)


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Measurement Units Variable
Altitude above mean sea level m alt ( time )
Base time in Epoch seconds since 1970-1-1 0:00:00 0:00 base_time
Free running cycle counter unitless cycle_count ( time )
Heave: up positive m heave ( time )
Heave directional acceleration, up positive m/sec^2 heave_acceleration ( time )
Heave directional velocity, up positive m/s heave_velocity ( time )
North latitude degree_N lat ( time )
East longitude degree_E lon ( time )
Pitch: bow up positive degrees pitch ( time )
Pitch angular rate, bow up positive degree/sec pitch_angular_rate ( time )
Roll: starboard down positive degrees roll ( time )
Roll angular rate, starboard down positive degree/sec roll_angular_rate ( time )
Seanav system mode unitless seanav_mode ( time )
SeaNav monitor value as true/false conditions unitless seanav_monitor ( time )
Surge: bow forward positive m surge ( time )
Surge directional acceleration, bow forward positive m/sec^2 surge_acceleration ( time )
Surge directional velocity, bow forward positive m/s surge_velocity ( time )
Sway: toward port positive m sway ( time )
Sway directional acceleration, toward port positive m/sec^2 sway_acceleration ( time )
Sway directional velocity, toward port positive m/s sway_velocity ( time )
Time offset from midnight time ( time )
Time offset from base_time time_offset ( time )
Heading from geodetic north, clockwise bow rotation degrees yaw ( time )
Yaw angular rate, clockwise bow rotation positive degrees/sec yaw_angular_rate ( time )


ARM Mobile Facility
ACXM1 Browse DataOff the Coast of California - NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown; AMF2
MAGM1 Browse DataLos Angeles, CA to Honolulu, HI - container ship Horizon Spirit; AMF2


Scott Walton
Argonne National Laboratory