Datastream : MMCRMOM

Millimeter Wave Cloud Radar (MMCR), replaces mmcrcal and mmcrmoments datastreams following C-40 processor upgrade of 2003.09.09

Active Dates
2003.09.27 - 2017.03.24

Measurement Categories
Atmospheric State, Cloud Properties

Originating Instrument
Millimeter Wavelength Cloud Radar (MMCR)


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Measurement Units Variable
Average Noise Level (S/N<0) dB AvgNoiseLevel ( time )
Receiver Cal Check Level dB CalCheckLevel ( mode )
Receiver Cal Check Time Stamp s CalCheckTime ( mode )
Circular Depolarization Ratio dB CircularDepolarizationRatio ( time, heights )
Max. height of clutter removal m ClutterHeight ( mode )
DC Filtering ON-OFF Status count DCFilterONOFF ( mode )
Data Quality Status code DataQualityStatus ( time )
Gate Spacing ns GateSpacing ( mode )
Inter-Pulse Period ns InterPulsePeriod ( mode )
Mean Doppler Velocity m/s MeanDopplerVelocity ( time, heights )
Minimum detectable reflectivity dBZ MinimumDetectableReflectivity ( hourly, mode, heights )
radar mode char identifier unitless ModeDescription ( mode, namelength )
Operating Set for this Record count ModeNum ( time )
Mean Noise Level dB NoiseLevel ( time, heights )
Number of Code Bits count NumCodeBits ( mode )
Number of Coherent Integrations count NumCoherentIntegrations ( mode )
Number of Points in FFT count NumFFT ( mode )
Number of Range Gates count NumHeights ( mode )
Number of Receiver count NumReceivers ( mode )
Number of Spectral Averages count NumSpectralAverages ( mode )
Nyquist Velocity m/s NyquistVelocity ( mode )
Peak transmitted power, averaged over the course of the hour dBm PeakTransmittedPowerAvg ( hourly )
Power (uncalibrated) dB Power ( time, heights )
Pulse Width ns PulseWidth ( mode )
Radar Constant dB RadarConstant ( hourly, mode )
Range Corrected Calibrated Power dBm RangeCorrectedPower ( time, heights )
Receiver Mode count ReceiverMode ( mode )
Current Receiver Number count ReceiverNumber ( mode )
Reflectivity dBZ Reflectivity ( time, heights )
Receiver 290K Level dB Rx290KLevel ( mode )
Receiver Cal Time Stamp s RxCalTimeStamp ( mode )
Receiver Gain dB RxGain ( mode )
Signal to Noise Ratio dB SignalToNoiseRatio ( time, heights )
Receiver Sky Noise dB SkyNoiseLevel ( mode )
Spectral Width m/s SpectralWidth ( time, heights )
Delay to First Range Gate ns StartGateDelay ( mode )
Traveling Wave Tube Status Code, see MMCR Instrument Manual for details unitless TWTStatusCode ( hourly )
Time associated with hourly averaged values seconds since January 1, 1970 TimeAvg ( hourly )
Windowing ON-OFF Status count WindowingONOFF ( mode )
Altitude above mean sea level m alt
Base time in Epoch seconds since 1970-1-1 0:00:00 0:00 base_time
Range Heights (center of radar sample volume) m MSL heights ( mode, heights )
North latitude degree_N lat
East longitude degree_E lon
Quality check results on field: Time offset from midnight unitless qc_time ( time )
Time offset from midnight time ( time )
Time offset from base_time time_offset ( time )


North Slope Alaska
NSAC1 Browse Data Browse PlotsCentral Facility, Barrow AK
Southern Great Plains
SGPC1 Browse Data Browse PlotsCentral Facility, Lamont, OK
Tropical Western Pacific
TWPC1 Browse DataCentral Facility, Manus I., PNG
TWPC2 Browse DataCentral Facility, Nauru Island
TWPC3 Browse DataCentral Facility, Darwin, Australia


Karen Johnson
Brookhaven National Laboratory
data analysis
(631) 344-5952

Nitin Bharadwaj
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
(509) 372-4267