AOS: Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter (Dual Column), ramping mode spectra data

Active Dates
2016.04.25 - 2017.04.21

Measurement Categories
Aerosols, Cloud Properties

Originating Instrument
Cloud Condensation Nuclei Particle Counter (CCN)


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Measurement Units Variable
Mean number concentration of activated condensation nuclei 1/cm^3 N_CCN ( time, supersaturation_setpoint )
Coefficients for quadratic fit of N_CCN vs supersaturation unitless N_CCN_fit_coefs ( time, polynomial_order )
Temporally smoothed N_CCN fit coefficients. unitless N_CCN_fit_coefs_smoothed ( time, polynomial_order )
Absolute relative error between N_CCN measurement and fit 1/cm^3 N_CCN_fit_error ( time, supersaturation_setpoint )
CCN estimated from smoothed coefficients unitless N_CCN_fit_smoothed ( time, supersaturation_setpoint )
Fitted value of N_CCN versus calculated supersaturation 1/cm^3 N_CCN_fit_value ( time, supersaturation_setpoint )
Altitude above mean sea level m alt
Base time in Epoch seconds since 1970-1-1 0:00:00 0:00 base_time
Aerosol concentration averaged over times to match N_CCN 1/cm^3 concentration ( time, supersaturation_setpoint )
Ratio of N_CCN to concentration unitless f_CCN ( time, supersaturation_setpoint )
North latitude degree_N lat
East longitude degree_E lon
Quality check results on field: Mean number concentration of activated condensation nuclei unitless qc_N_CCN ( time, supersaturation_setpoint )
Quality check results on field: Ratio of N_CCN to concentration unitless qc_f_CCN ( time, supersaturation_setpoint )
Supersaturation setpoint start time, relative to midnight s setpoint_time ( time, supersaturation_setpoint )
Mean supersaturation_calculated at times to match N_CCN_mean_interquartile samples. % supersaturation_calculated ( time, supersaturation_setpoint )
Supersaturation set point % supersaturation_setpoint ( supersaturation_setpoint )
Time offset from midnight time ( time )
Time cell bounds time_bounds ( time, bound )
Time offset from base_time time_offset ( time )


ARM Mobile Facility
ASIM1 Browse DataAscension Island, South Atlantic Ocean; AMF1


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Brookhaven National Laboratory

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