Datastream : AOSCCN2COLA

AOS: Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter (Dual Column), ramping mode

Active Dates
2016.04.24 - 2017.04.24

Measurement Categories
Aerosols, Cloud Properties

Originating Instrument
Cloud Condensation Nuclei Particle Counter (CCN)


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Measurement Units Variable
Number concentration of CCN 1/cm^3 N_CCN ( time )
Bin number of lowest channel of OPC include in summation of N_CCN unitless N_CCN_bin_number ( time )
Droplet count by bin size count/s N_CCN_dN ( time, droplet_size )
Sample pressure hPa P_sample ( time )
Volumetric flow rate of sample air cm^3/min Q_sample ( time )
Volumetric flow rate of sheath air cm^3/min Q_sheath ( time )
Temperature read of the optical particle counter degC T_OPC ( time )
Temperature read of sample air at entrance to instrument degC T_inlet ( time )
Nafion temperature degC T_nafion ( time )
Temperature read at top of column degC T_read_TEC1 ( time )
Temperature read at middle of column degC T_read_TEC2 ( time )
Temperature read at bottom of column degC T_read_TEC3 ( time )
Temperature difference between T_read_TEC3 and T_read_TEC1 degC T_read_gradient ( time )
Temperature read of sample air entering the column degC T_sample ( time )
Temperature set point at top of column degC T_set_TEC1 ( time )
Temperature set point at middle of column degC T_set_TEC2 ( time )
Temperature set point at bottom of column degC T_set_TEC3 ( time )
Temperature difference between T_set_TEC3 and T_set_TEC1 degC T_set_gradient ( time )
Altitude above mean sea level m alt
Base time in Epoch seconds since 1970-1-1 0:00:00 0:00 base_time
T_OPC - T_read_TEC3 temperature difference degC dT_OPC ( time )
Estimated target thermal gradient under current operating conditions degC dT_target_estimated ( time )
Size bins for CCN droplet count um droplet_size ( droplet_size )
Droplet bin bounds droplet_size_bounds ( droplet_size, bound )
Eta factor used in calculation of supersaturation_calculated unitless eta ( time )
Lookup table for eta computation unitless eta_lookup_table ( n_lookup, bound )
Eta factor used in calculation of supersaturation_calculated_estimated_equilibrium_target unitless eta_target ( time )
First stage monitor voltage V first_stage_monitor_voltage ( time )
OPC laser current mA laser_current ( time )
North latitude degree_N lat
East longitude degree_E lon
Number of particles that are larger than 10um count overflow ( time )
CCN Proportional valve voltage V proportional_valve_voltage ( time )
Quality check results on field: Number concentration of CCN unitless qc_N_CCN ( time )
Reported temperature difference between T_set_TEC3 and T_set_TEC1 degC reported_temperature_gradient ( time )
Seconds since last supersaturation set point transition s seconds_after_transition ( time )
Sample supersaturation calculated via Lance/Rose method % supersaturation_calculated ( time )
Target supersaturation calculated via Lance/Rose method, computed from eta_target % supersaturation_calculated_target ( time )
Sample supersaturation set point value reported by instrument % supersaturation_set_point ( time )
Logical value, indicating whether the instrument has reached thermal gradient stabilization and is within 0.4 degrees C of the set point unitless temp_unstable ( time )
Standard deviation of (T_read_TEC3 - T_read_TEC1) degC temperature_std ( time )
Time offset from midnight time ( time )
Time offset from base_time time_offset ( time )


ARM Mobile Facility
ASIM1 Browse DataAscension Island, South Atlantic Ocean; AMF1


Cynthia Salwen
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Janek Uin
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Gunnar Senum
Brookhaven National Laboratory
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Stephen Springston
Brookhaven National Laboratory
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Anne Jefferson
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University of Colorado
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