To assist researchers in the conduct of field campaigns or required administrative procedures (such as Baseline Change Requests), we provide a number of online forms.

Field Campaigns

The Field Campaign Proposal Form can originate with any scientist proposing research directly related to the ARM Mission Statement. For more information, including deadlines and the proposal approval process, see Submit Proposals.

Site Visits

NOTICE TO VISITORS: To ensure your request is evaluated in time for your visit, please submit U.S Citizen requests at least 14 days in advance and non-U.S. Citizen requests at least 30 days in advance.

The Site and Computer Access Request System is used to provide advance notice of on-site visits to site managers and to provide a mechanism for requesting and managing access to site network and computer resources.

Shipping Forms are used to notify site personnel of planned shipments. To ensure that shipments will be received, a shipping form MUST be filled out for the appropriate site before shipping.

Data Quality

To send a general comment or question about data quality, please send email to the ARM Data Quality Office:

To detail a specific problem or finding with a datastream, please begin a Data Quality Report – Sign in required.

To look up an existing issue, view the Data Quality Assessment (DQA) Reports – Sign in required.

The DQA system is used by the ARM Data Quality Office to inform the ARM community of instrument and data flow problems as well as general data quality observations.

Need help finding data? Call the ARM Data Archive at 1-888-ARM-DATA.

Engineering Support

The ECR process is used to formally request that a change be made to the infrastructure and help set priorities.

An ECO is an engineering task or project directly resulting from an ECR. It is tracked and addresses project requirements, analysis, design, development, testing, and documentation. In most cases, every ECO is completed by the issuance of a BCR, as managed by the Chief Operating Officer.

An EWR is used to request engineering resources, as soon as possible, when operational, science, or engineering needs require a quick engineering response where no design or redesign is required.

To learn more about initiating engineering tasks, please see the Engineering Task Overview web page.

Once an ECR has been completed, a BCR is required to change an established operational baseline and implement most ECRs. The BCR system is used to manage all operational procedures, hardware, software, and structures for all systems within ARM. It is used to provide a detailed description of a proposed change, which is assigned reviewers for comments and recommendations. The ARM Chief Operating Officer is responsible for final approval of all BCRs.

The Instrument Readiness Request Form gathers the information needed to prepare instruments for operational deployment at an any ARM site and ensures the Site Operations and Data Systems staff are aware of instrument. Please complete one Instrument Readiness Request Form per instrument, answering all questions as completely as possible. To learn more about the steps needed to implement a new instruments, see the Project Guide Plan for Instrument Development or Modification.